This is so fun! I like “Studio J” to create pages that I need done quickly and also for pages where my pictures may be low pixels so a printed copy just doesn’t look good. When you add that same picture to a “STUDIO J” layout you will be guided to the best size for that picture. Wa La! Now you can use a great picture that you couldn’t use if printed out! It is fun to change your colors, placement, and just about anything you want with a simple click of your mouse! Buy a membership (12 months $99.00 or 3-months for $30.00) and you get members-only lay-outs and each page you order only costs you $3.25! So you get a full 2 page lay-out for $6.50 and can use as many or few embellishments as you desire! Check it out! I think you will enjoy having an option for scrapbooking when you don’t have lots of time to spare and just HAVE to use those special pictures!


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  1. Just create an account, then log in to Studio J and start designing layouts! Studio J is intuitive and easy to use; there are just 5 easy steps to creating a beautiful layout:

    1. Upload photos.
    2. Choose the desired themed kit.
    3. Select an exclusive layout pattern.
    4. Add photos, embellishments, title, and journaling.
    5. Purchase custom-printed layouts ready for a cherished album.

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